heat pump service


Just like a car, a heat pump needs regular servicing. When you neglect to service your car, it loses efficiency and will inevitably have problems further down the road. Your heat pump is no different.

All leading heat pump manufacturers recommend having your heat pump serviced at least annually. This extends the heat pump's lifespan and efficiency. It also rids it of mold and dust build up, which can be detrimental to health.

Our seven point service includes:

  1. Cleaning indoor unit filters and coil of dust, pollen, bacteria and mold.

  2. Verifying the output temperature of the indoor unit in both heating and cooling.

  3. Cleaning the coil of the outdoor unit of debris, slowing corrosion.

  4. Straightening coil fins bent by debris and vermin, aiding air flow and efficiency.

  5. Inspecting outdoor unit fan bearings and balance.

  6. Checking refrigerant levels and piping for signs of leaks, which impede function.

  7. Ensuring the entire heat pump is electrically sound.